Dam Sen Water-Park

Dam Sen Water-Park

Dam Sen Water Park was opened on 19 November 1999 as a joint venture of PHU THO Tourism and Service Company and Viet Asia Joint-Stock Commercial Bank. Dam Sen Water Park, with modern aquatic equipments installed complying with European standard, harmoniously located in a fresh and verdant Oriental landscape garden of 3 hectares in width just right in the city’s heart.

The park is built in a community of leisure center and shopping center such as Dam Sen Cultural Park, Dam Sen Bowling Center, Dam Sen Co-op Mart, and Dam Sen Sports Club.

Dam Sen Water Park with 25 aquatic equipments and a wave pool of 3000m2 in width appropriate for all ages from calm games such as Drifting River, Wave Pool, Massage Pool, Crazy River to thrilled games such as Kimikaze slide, waterfall crossing swing, etc… and a children paradise including water palace, elephant and hippopotamus families together with pretty and colorful slides for children.

In the hope of bringing about a great deal of good new feeling for visitors, in the past few years, we have installed more new games such as a 20 m high Tornado, the Space Spiral Slide, and the Black Thunder with special sound effect. When participating games here, you can put your mind at rest for the professional rescue team who always keeps watch by your side in order to give you specific instructions and offer helps just in time.

Dam Sen Water-Park

 Additionally, we have a restaurant in Dam Sen Water Park with the capacity amounts to 500 guests to 1000 guests and it is constructed in a romantic and airy setting which fits for all kinds of wedding party, merrymaking party, birthday party, and year-end get-together party, etc… with diversified menus, appetizing foods, reasonable prices and undertaken by many-year-experienced cooks.

Every year, many non-professional activities such as associating with Education and Training service to organize festival of group of songs “Young cicada” for pupils of the whole city, festival of colouring and drawing competition for children, etc… are celebrated here.

Dubbed “Super-speed”, this kind of slide will give you a picturesque flying down to the water surface, making a good splash from the height of 19 mettres. Let’s conquer this challenging height!

Waterfall Crossing Swing
You must be a swimer! You will slide on a cord 10m high spanned across the pool and dive into the water 2.5m in depth. Remember to perform a spectacular somersault before touching the water! There will be big rounds of applause for your show.

Children’s Pool
A castle which is splendid with different colours, the giant mushroom-shaped fountains with families of elephants, hippopotamus, crocodiles, etc will greet kids. The game will make the kids more dynamic, creative and intelligent.

Giant Slide
With an original structure combined with various kind of sliding, Giant Slide will bring you really new sensations.

Wave Pool
In a mini sea corner with a gradual slope and trains of wave, you will bathe yourself in the clear blue water, be consoled by the wave and admire the beauty of nature inside the city.

Massage Pool
You’re in broad daylight, not in a room with artificial light! All your tiredness will be swept away and you will experience marvellous feelings when you are steeping yourself in warm water, massaged gently by 70 fountains designed inside the lake and you can admire the natural scenery all around.

Space Spiral Slide
After pushing yourself into the water of 19m long and fall from the altitude of 10m, a completely darkness will cover you and what’s a surprise when meeting the first ray of light inside the slide’s hollow, you are a member in the flying saucer 9m in diameter. Revolve, revolve, enjoy the hovering feeling, and then, suddenly, you tumble into the lower transparent pool what brings you back to reality. Wow! What’s an unforgettable feeling, hurry up and have a good time together!

Crazy River
With the buoyance of the waterfalls from above, you will feel like floating on a small basket boat, dancing with the river and making falls down the water.

Black Thunder
Exactly as its name, the dark inside of the hole combined with laser special effects will give you the extreme excitement as your feelings change continuously and suddenly.
Lazy River

Lying on a buoy floating on the 400-mettre-long river winding along lines of green trees and caves, you will have wonderful relaxing moments with nature.

This is a game highly suitable for group of friends or families. Four of you will compete to be first to complete the slide.

It is an interesting feeling when your body twisted with the steep spiral pipe. You are revolving in the stomach of a shark, aren’t you? It’s a strange, let’s discover and conquer it.

With the technology imported from Spain, Tornado will be a good opportunity for you to measure your own courage while having a perfect winding along the 119-mettre length of slides of 20 mettres high and making a free fall to the water surface. Such an unforgettable sensation!