Mekong Delta, second tour

Mekong Delta, second tour

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We’re in Can Tho now. We just had a nice hot pot (third one in two days) and fried field mice. Before you say├é┬á“yuck”, you haven’t tasted it! It actually has little flavor, so, “tasteslike chicken” is more or less correct.

Mekong Delta, second tour

Third hot pot in two days because yesterday Hoe and I ate in Seoul Garden in Saigon which was really nice and after Saigon we met Thu and Hien in Kitchi Kitchi. A Japanese transport-belt hot pot restaurant.

All very well, but I ate myself half to death. So when we had another hot pot today, I felt like I would probably explode.

But I didn’t! We actually ate quite much. Crab and egg soup to start, then the hot pot with Thai water (spicy water) in which we cooked

more vegetables than anyone in Europe can find and for which I have no names, chicken, beef, shrimp, etc and let’s not forget the├é┬ádelicious field mice. Finish up with some noodles and drinkingsome of the hot pot water, and we’re done.

Today we went around the Mekong Delta, if that was not clear yet, and tomorrow too. We have to get up at 6 so I’ll end soon.

We saw much of what I saw last year here, just a little different. However I still enjoy it as Hoe provides me with much more information├é┬áthan just any tour guide can. And I’ve eaten so many things that I’d never thought I’d eat, let alone heard of (remember the baby bird?)