Easter Sunday and killer cocktails


Easter Sunday morning saw me going like a good girl to Notre Dame (yes I am in Vietnam and not Paris). The place was rammed which was reassuring. The choir was bloody awful.

Soul sorted, I decided to devote the rest of the day to my body and spent the afternoon being massaged and having facials which was utterly blissful. I have noticed however a tendency for me to fall into sort of lucid dozing at any opportunity.

Sometimes when I wake up I have the uncomfortable feeling I have been making undignified grunting noises or sleeping with my mouth open. But probably not. The massage and facial were blissful. Like I’d died and gone to heaven. Actually I did wonder at one point if I really HAD fallen off the perch and been fast tracked to eternal loveliness, but unless heaven is mostly for little Vietnamese ladies, then no.

On the subject of little Vietnamese ladies, rather like Thailand, you tend to see a lot of ageing white Westerners with tiny little, young doll like Vietnamese women. I’m saying nothing. Just observing.

After such a luxurious afternoon – I could only end the day in style by having a cocktail on the rooftop bar of the Caravelle. Wow. I had a Tanqueray gin martini – after the first sip I started writing bad poetry and gazing out over Saigon, luckily they brought some fiendishly salty and delicious nuts to go with it. It was hard not to eat all of them but I managed. The cocktail was dynamite.

I walked/swayed back to my hotel ( rats seen – 1) on a little cloud. I went for a beer before going to bed and met a girl from Cheltenham. There is no escape – the Nams will seek each other out! She told me that she had heard Nha Trang (my beach destination for tomorrow) was really dodgy and a girl got raped there recently. Great. Looking forward to that then! I do wonder if I haven’t cocked up a bit with Nha Trang – it doesn’t really sound like the total beach haven I was after, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings.