Back in Saigon


As a stopover before leaving Vietnam and heading to Bangkok, we decided to head back to Saigon for a couple of nights. This gave us the opportunity to do some things we’d not done previously, and also to visit a few places that we’d encountered on our last visit.

As we were only staying briefly, we stayed in a budget hotel, which probably wasn’t our best idea, as I (RP) had to share my bathroom facilities with the world’s largest cockroach and the occasional gecko, and RD was welcomes by a sugar bowl of insect larvae and loads and loads of tiny flies.

Drinking cocktails on the 23d floor of the Sheraton hotel allowed us to take in the magnificent views of the city at night, although this reminded us of our disappointment that we would shortly be leaving such a lovely country.

To cheer ourselves up, we headed back to a few of the places we’d visited previously, where we were greeted by some locals that we’d met on our last visit. This made for a very enjoyable couple of evenings, taking in live music and our last chances to see the city.

Live music at Thi Café

Vietnam is one of the most welcoming countries we’ve experienced. We have visited cities, the beach and a mountain town, and everywhere we went, people were always friendly.

Finally some photographic proof that we’re both actually in the same place