The Ho Chi Minh Museum

Ho Chi Minh museum
Ho Chi Minh museum

The Ho Chi Minh Museum (or Khu Luu Niem Bac Ho) is located in ‘The Dragon House.’ It was originally built as the French Customs House in 1863, any foreigner coming to colonial Saigon would have had to pass through this house after arriving in port.

Later, the house came to serve as the residence of Vietnam’s ex-leader, Ho Chi Minh (1860-1969). In 1911 he stayed here before heading off on his 30 year exile to Europe and America.

The museum now houses an unusual array of exhibits and personal possessions, from items of clothing to journals and his noted sandals. Many of the items are labeled in Vietnamese so be prepared to look, appreciate and imagine, sometimes without explanation.

The blend of French Colonial and Vietnamese architecture is impressive and the manicured gardens and fish pond are beautiful.